Monday, May 9, 2011

Digging Deep

I've been doing a bit of digging. Deep. Soul searching you may call it. I call it excavating. Unearthing who I think I am and what is important in my life. During this process I have been in a bit of a creative hiatus. Looking at the work that I currently do and wondering if it is really a part of who I am anymore. I love the darkness, the lost and forgotten, the decadence of decay. Peeling, cracked paint and rusty nails. Old torn silk and lace. History forgotten. Mysteries of memories buried within a piece of something old and broken. I want to unearth these memories hiding beneath the rust, the worn finish, the darkened sparkle of a an old rhinestone.

I opened a new shop a month ago selling some of these old pieces I have collected for others to find the treasure these types of pieces hide inside  but some things I have collected I can't let go as they are. I feel the need to make them into something. And I will be doing so once I dig myself out of this rut.

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