Sunday, April 22, 2012


Hope you are enjoying the spring happenings so far. I used to love the spring when I was younger and now as I get older it is just the harbinger of hot humid weather. I hate the heat now more than ever. I do love watching the plants and animal wake up from winter though. I guess I still love spring but will pine for the fall and winter once summer hits. I think i will make it my goal to enjoy summer more this year. It really isn't fair to dislike it so much. Summer can't help being hot. It is in it's very nature. I'll just have to make more of an effort to visit the river that I love so much but is a little far away. There are natural water slides there and deep dark pool of water at the bottom that is oh so lovely to slide into. The cooling water can be so healing and I definitely need a bit of that.

 I really feel I have been just letting life pass me by these past few months. It has been dark here figuratively speaking and I need a bit of light to grow towards. It is difficult for someone of my nature to find the light though. I read so many blogs of so many upbeat positive people and just wonder how I can be that way too. But then if I try to be more upbeat and it isn't really who I am then am I being true to myself? I'm not saying here that I am a negative person. Just a recluse that has a tendency to relish in the darkness and being alone.

Well anyways enough of that for now.

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