Monday, December 8, 2014


I see it often. Artists that complain people are copying. I often wonder why they feel so self-righteous? Don't you know this is how people learn? They learn life lessons by copying. If you never copied you would never have learned how to talk or walk or write words. When you learned your craft don't tell me you didn't re-create works that were similar to others. Sometimes you still do. Why do you feel it is your duty though to deny these stepping stones to others? Why do you feel it is necessary to cut down others? An artist that is confident in their work will ignore all the others. Be humble and grateful for the love you receive without throwing others to the fire.

Also why do you think it is not ok for others to "copy" your work but you feel fine about suggesting that this work is yours by not crediting the artist? Isn't this a form of stealing? Please note that this post is not about the writer of the poem listed above but about others that want to steal words from her and profit from her words without giving credit or asking permission. Give credit where credit is due or find your own words to use.

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