Saturday, March 19, 2011

Butterflies and Resin

I just wanted to take a moment and show what I have been slowly developing over the past few months. These are real blue morpho wings that I have set in handmade ( by me) bezels that are going to hopefully become stud earrings. I originally wanted to do stacker rings but it seemed like so much work to make the ring and then pour the resin only to mess it up at some point. Also I would be using more sterling in a ring as opposed to an earring.

The first picture here shows the bezels with the wings in it without the resin. I have sealed the wing circles so that the wings don't change into a weird color from the resin. Oh and do you  know how hard it is to cut tiny circles out of a butterfly wing? Very tough but I figured out how to do it without ripping them to smithereens.

Here I've poured the resin and it magnifies the color of the butterfly beautifully! I'm using Ice Resin here which is a dream to work with compared to the Envirotex lite which is what I started with.

So since I had to mix up a full ounce of this resin and I barely used any for the earrings  I decided to make up a ring real quick and use a piece of an embossed binding from an antique leather bound book as the focal of the ring.

I love how this looks and hopefully it turns out well because I made this in my size. :)

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