Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Dumps

This white marble hexagon tile was scavenged by me in my teen years from a place simply called "The Dumps". I lived quite close to this area and it  was  in the city where houses and developments had sprung up around it but for some reason this area was untouched by that. It was a sanctuary at times for me and other times it was a place of uncovering old secrets left behind. I have many memories of my Mother and I unearthing old bottles thrown away by a lifetime past. What they probably would have never guessed when they tossed that trash out was that I would hunt these treasures like gold. Every time I would pull an old bottle or rusty piece of metal from the earth I just couldn't help but think of who had put it there. I just couldn't wait to get it home and clean it up. I think the days spent uncovering these things instilled in me a love of old, forgotten things. Things that would have no use in an ordinary persons world I hoard like a dragon.

I made this necklace from that tile I pulled from the earth so long ago. My original intention was to sell it in my Etsy shop but I think I will keep it for myself. I actually started to tell this story in my listing then thought twice. I think I will re-create this with new materials in honor of my days spent under the hot sun of summer with my Mother discovering the secrets that the earth hides.

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