Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Soap gone wrong and handcasting metals

Ahh I was going to post about the wonderful batch of soap I made last night and show pictures of it's soapy goodness but it seems that I have lost the soap making touch. I couldn't say it was an outright disaster but I already know there are lye pockets and I will have to re-batch it. Sigh. So instead of soap I've decided  to talk about something else.

I have been wanting to try my hand at casting metals. I never really wanted to take the plunge and shell out over $100 bucks for the equipment to do so though. Also if you've ever seen the wax seal pendants that are very popular right now I have been wanting to try making some similar items but wanted to put my own spin on them and not just purchase some ready-made ones. Everybody has those anyways. So I've possibly figured out how to start making some after experimenting with this little hand cast bird shown above. Really the possibilities are endless here and I am thinking of casting many other things to incorporate into my jewelry.

 This little bird on the left was hand cast in metal by a home made mold I made from the original on the right. It is a lovely vintage gold toned clip on earring. The clip has long been broken off but I just love birds so I've had it for quite a while. I decided to use it for my little experiment in casting and I think it turned out great! This is just cast with soft solder. Some of the details were lost in the casting but I love how old and worn it looks and it is definitely something I will incorporate into my pieces. Now my mind is racing on what to cast next!


  1. if it makes you feel better I tried making a batch of soap this afternoon, and it never got thick enough to leave trace.

    I poured it into the molds anyways, but I fear that I am being too optimistic that it will cure. :(

  2. Let me know how it turned out! Sometimes the trace is hard to see. In the case of my batch above I knew it as soon as I poured the lye that it was going to trace to fast. It did and I think I ended up not mixing it enough. If I mixed it anymore it was going to be a solid awful lump so I poured it.